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Did you know rice can lose much of its natural flavor within ONE MONTH of milling?

Often times, by the time traditional store-bought rice hits the shelves, it's already gone stale.  We're trying to change that.

We sell only the newest crop, grown on our farm. We do all the work ourselves, from the planting to the packaging, which means we can mill our rice in small, fresh batches.  So unlike that stale, plain grain that you're used to buying, our rice is bursting with sweet and nutty deliciousness.

Grown on the farm, milled on the farm, packed on the farm.

We do it all!  At Chico Rice, we are some of the only farmers who mill and pack their own rice.  This means that all our rice comes from the same place and we know exactly how it was grown - responsibly, sustainably, and with the utmost love and care.

Our rice has never been anywhere other than our farm until we deliver it to the store, the farmers market, or straight to YOU!  No warehousing, no funny business.

Every bag of rice we sell is lovingly hand-packed by the same farmers who grew it from the seed.  That's how much we love our rice!

It's better when it's fresh.

Our artisan rice mill allows us to mill exactly how much we want when we want it, so we can get your rice to you as fresh as possible with the most flavor and the best texture.

Our Fresh Blonde Milled California Japonica has a superior texture and the natural sweetness and nuttiness shines through, making it a truly unique product.

Our Fresh Brown Milled California Japonica has the ultimate fresh and nutty flavor with a delicious fragrance and bold taste that will leave you craving more with every bite.


where to find us:

S&S Organic Produce (Chico)

New Earth Market (Chico)

Chico Natural Foods Co-Op (Chico)

Made in Chico (Chico)

Zucchini & Vine (Chico)

Holiday Market (Paradise)

The Heritage Pantry (Dixon)

Sanfillipo Family Produce (Columbus, OH)

Chico Certified Farmers Market - Wednesday 7:30am-1pm, Saturday 7:30-1pm

Chico Thursday Night Market, April-September, 6pm-9pm



(530) 518-0469



County Road 57
West of Interstate 5
Willows, CA 95988



You don't need a rice cooker to steam the perfect rice

  1. Rinse 1 cup of our FRESH California Japonica Rice until water runs clear

  2. Add rice to 1.5 cups (2 cups for brown rice) of gently boiling water in a medium saucepan with a TIGHT lid

  3. Simmer on LOW for 20 minutes (40 minutes for brown rice). DO NOT LIFT LID. (Grandma Knowles used to say, "Don't even LOOK at the lid!")

  4. Remove from heat (hands off the lid) and let stand for 5 minutes.

  5. Fluff it, butter it, season however you like, or just enjoy the natural sweetness of this amazing grain like a purist.

  6. ENJOY, knowing you're eating the freshest, best tasting rice good earth and hard work can provide.

Get creative


Visit our Facebook for delicious rice recipes that will make your taste buds dance with joy and wow your friends! We're constantly on the lookout for new and exciting flavor adventures. 

ThinkRice.com has tons of ideas and healthy recipes.  There you can learn about the rice industry in the United States and the nutritional value of rice.  Even if the recipe calls for a different kind of rice, our Fresh Milled Rice will enhance the flavor and texture of the dish.



"I traveled to Chico from the Mendocino Coast and was lucky enough to be there on a Saturday morning for the Chico Farmer's Market.  What a lucky day for me...  Oh my golly, that medium grain is the best rice I ever ate.  Not an exaggeration. A fabulous taste and texture - just out of this world.  And I'm double lucky because they ship!"



"I absolutely LOVE this rice!! Not all rice is created equal! It is so sweet and flavorful that you don't have to put anything on it. If you're a picky rice eater like myself then you must try it!"


β€œI LOVED my Chico brown rice - I discovered it at the Saturday market when I visited Chico in October 2018. I packed some in my suitcase to bring home - and sadly have now used it all! Anyone coming to Perth - please bring me some (haha!)”

S. Maccora, perth, australia


"My family eats a lot of rice and I have to tell you that we LOVED yours! It was so obviously better than what we buy in the store! Both of my kids commented on the flavor without knowing I had done anything differently.  Thank you!"



"We got a sample at the Chico Harvest Festival last Saturday and it was the best we have ever tasted.  Thanks!"



"I witnessed the milling of your rice at the Chico Farmers market.  I then purchased a bag of white rice.  What an amazing flavor and texture!  I never thought rice could taste so good, and my wife agrees."



Give it to us straight

Sac Valley Rice is a young company, and we love feedback.  Please let us know what you think of our rice!  We are constantly looking for new ways to bring our customers joy through rice.

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